Open your eyes to a new way of life
As a technology company, we see many key challenges the world faces today as opportunities for us to innovate for a better life.
+ Energy Crisis +
+ Technological Limitations +
+ Environmental Degradation +
+ Food Shortage +
+ Food Safety and Quality +
+ Food Wastage +
+ Human Sub-health Condition +
+ Lifestyle Enhancement +
Powered and supported by strong research & development capabilities, our team of forward-thinking experts have a strong record of converting creative concepts into reality.

By strategically applying our advanced proprietary technology, we develop innovative products and provide project specific, custom solutions to help clients to tackle the challenges. Our products and solutions deliver outstanding performance improvements and are capable of elevating and optimizing every aspects of human life to a whole new level.

Innovation is our key to a better world.
Major Categories of our Creative Solutions
There are 8 brands in various industries under the umbrella of the IPC Group. Each brand addresses a particular group of consumers and carries its own series of products, but they have two common denominators: they are all empowered with Euphoria Technology™ and provide incomparable benefits.
Energy Saving
Saving energy is a global priority. But at an age of increasing demands and depleting resources, how do we effectively reduce our energy consumption without giving up the comforts of a modern economy?


Boosts your driving experience.

The Protonic Car Boosters are designed to do wonders to your vehicles as though they defy the law of classical physics. These small devices can drastically boost the performance, operational efficiency and horsepower of vehicles, yet reduce fuel consumption and harmful emission at the same time.


Boosts the efficiency of your industrial AC system.

The Protonic Power Savers is a major breakthrough in energy saving that is proven to save up to 15% of industrial AC's energy consumption. The devices can reduce the energy consumption significantly by improving the compression efficiency and heat transfer of your AC system.

Water Treatment
IPC cares about people’s needs for ecological conservation. Our innovative ideas close the link with our mass biotechnology-based water revitalization and air purification solutions.


Revitalizes your water quality.

Our technology successfully breaks through traditional water treatment methods, effectively inhibits the proliferation of harmful bacteria and reduces the chance of disease transmission. It also controls the growth of algae and formation of scales, so that the water can restore its original function.


Purify your air quality.

Our advanced water treatment technology allows industrial and commercial air-conditioning systems effectively reduces the risk of spreading of Legionella bacteria without adding chemicals.

Food Production
It is estimated that food demand will have increased by 50% before 2030 compared to 2010. Given the current agricultural methods and productivity of the world’s farmlands, a global food crisis is just on the horizon.


Increase food supply, efficiency & productivity.

Our innovative solutions can turn the situation around. From increasing crop yield, enhancing crop health and nutritional value to maximizing food shelf-life and creating indoor organic farming concepts, we have been devising ways to improve food safety and productivity without the use of chemicals.


Let food be thy Medicine.

With our advanced research and development, we successfully cultivate the best organic species of medical proven AbM mushroom, under an innovative approach with extreme dedication and a well-controlled indoor farming environment.

Lifestyle Enhancement
The fast pace and pressures of modern living have made it difficult to maintain adequate physical and mental health. According to the World Health Organization, 70% of the world population is in sub-health condition, which is a “gray state of health” between health and disease.


Feel better all day, every day.

We develop revolutionary healthcare products that are effective, non-invasive and user-friendly, so you can feel at ease and use them to improve your health and maximize your innate natural healing power.


Look younger, feel younger.

Driven by our advanced technology and scientific research, we have taken an innovative approach to skin care and dermatological health in developing powerful, results-driven skincare products that encourage skin regeneration to significantly improve skin resilience and complexion, leaving your skin supple and refreshed.


Step into Fitness.

Combining the proven success of our healthcare concept with the meridian theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our products maximize an athlete's physical potential and sports performance by improving the body's stamina and endurance. This helps improve training, overcome fatigue and encourage recovery. chance of injuries.


Enrich the acoustic performance instantly.

With the extensive knowledge, accumulated invaluable research and experience in the acoustical engineering business for 15 years, we develop state-of-the-art enhancement products that create compelling audio-visual experiences without modifying your existing sound system.

Water Treatment
IPC cares about people’s needs for ecological conservation. Our innovative ideas close the link with our mass biotechnology-based water revitalization and air purification solutions.